These Canopy Roads

Tallahassee, Florida. This name is interchangeably used with “Tallanasty.” But, really, should the capital city get disparaged so much? There are actually so many wonderful and humorous reasons to love Tallahassee.

There is something special about driving under the canopy on Centerville Road, or gathering with thousands of other ‘Noles fans at Doak Campbell Stadium, or seeing the Spanish moss-covered trees that grace the live oaks.

Something about the fields at Tom Brown Park, or driving through Dorothy B. Oven Park during Christmastime is just very special. Yes, Tallahassee has its stranger places that some might label as oddities, like the drive-thru liquor store near FSU, or the club named “Coliseum,” but that makes Tallahassee a well-rounded city that truly includes something for everyone. Tallahassee has a certain charm that many often overlook.

While the weather isn’t dependable in this capital city, one can always count on friendly waves from strangers, quality sausages from Bradley’s Country Store, and relaxing walks around Lake Ella.

Though there isn’t always something exciting happening here in town, and often the biggest news regarding Tallahassee is about a country singer coming to the civic center, these canopy roads should hold a special place in your heart.


Miracles Without Power

The weekend came and bombarded the city with storms, essentially taking out most of Tallahassee’s power. Flashbacks to Hurricane Hermine came to many as trees fell into roads and limbs totaled roofs. No stranger to these arbitrary power outages, my family and I lit candles and hoped the house didn’t get too hot inside. When the wind finally calmed, I ventured outside.

As I stood in my driveway in the pitch black darkness, listening to the lovely sound of the generator running from across the street, I decided to look up, and what I saw blew me away.

While I couldn’t see the street, what the house looked like, or that the neighbor’s cat was running at me at full speed, I could really see a lot. Thousands of-without exaggeration-stars lit up the cloudless night sky. Through the beloved oaks and pines that filled the yard, shooting stars could be seen. The sky was shades of black and blue that I couldn’t remember ever seeing before.

My family soon joined me outside, and we stood together for half an hour, looking up. Binoculars were brought out and we viewed constellations we’d never seen before. Incontrovertibly, without power, air conditioning, and the ability to open the fridge, that night was one of the best nights of my life.

It’s funny how when something so inconveniencing occurs, life can actually look pretty nice. You don’t need a day-long power outage to see the beautiful things that life in Tallahassee provides. You just need to look up.